The Levasseur Community Trust officially launched with a charity event in Edmonton in June 2021 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of INNhotels, and to celebrate Gerry’s birthday. Thanks to your generous donations the evening was a huge success for the charity, which included a live auction hosted by Danny Hooper, and musical guest Brett Kissel. The evening raised $250,000 in donations and that amount was matched by the Levasseur family for a total of half a million dollars! Charities that benefited from the evening included, Victims Service Communities from Jasper, Robson Valley, Valemount, Columbia Valley RCMP, Invermere, Bow Valley, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Red Deer, and the Grande Cache Transition House Society. Local food banks from Jasper, Valemount, Grande Cache, Columbia Valley, Bow Valley, Red Deer, and Parkland County all received much needed donations. Levasseur’s love of animals also included donations made to the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC, and the Wild Horses of Alberta Society.

gratitude of thanks

"Legacy Place Society is grateful for the designated gift for the Red Deer Legacy Place House.
Legacy Place society is an organization formed to provide first responders/public safety personnel with shared knowledge and resources based on best practices and research available. Its mission is to provide confidential and empathetic support that builds resiliency with individuals and families of law Enforcement, Emergency Medical / Fire Services, 911 Dispatch, Veterans and Military Personnel.
It means a lot knowing citizens and businesses support our public service personnel."

Legacy Place Society - Diana Festejo

gratitude of thanks

"On behalf of the Bow Valley Victim Services Association, I am writing to thank the Levasseur Community Trust for your very generous donation to our program.
It will be of great assistance in the provision of support, assistance, and information to victims of Crimes. We are pleased to advise we are in our twenty-ninth-year operations, working with the Banff, Canmore, and Lake Louise RCMP Detachments.
Being a not-for-profit our financial resources are limited. As such, the support we receive from volunteers in our community is essential to our program as is the financial assistance from organizations such as the Levasseur Community Trust. Without both forms of support, our program and services would not exist. It is, for this reason, we thank you for your support and applaud your community spirit."

Bow Valley Victim Services - Peter Quinn (2022)

gratitude of thanks

"We wish to express our sincerest gratitude for the generous donation received from The Levasseur Community Trust. Saying a simple "thank you" doesn't really explain the level of gratitude we feel. Your generosity goes a very long way in providing the resources victims of crime and trauma in our communities require. Whether it's a warm blanket to wrap someone in when they've been through a fire and lost their belongings to a hug, an ear, counselling resources or someone to just sit in silence with you when your child had taken his/her life, the tools your donation helps to provide is endless, deeply felt and far reaching. So, thank you again and God Bless."

Stony / Spruce Victim Services - Jenelle Jean

gratitude of thanks

Thank you for your generous donation of $ 1,250 to the Columbia Valley Food Bank through the Levasseur Community Trust. We are so grateful for your consideration of those less fortunate in our community. November and December are usually months when many people find that they need to access support from the Food Bank and this year is no exception. We are noting that our numbers are up by 30% and we are going through our food supplies more rapidly. As the Christmas season approaches, anxiety levels rise for families as they anticipate increased costs and expenditures. However, they have the assurance that they can seek help from CVFB. We, at CVFB, are also assured that we can meet those needs, because so many generous and thoughtful people think of others as December approaches and act on it, by giving of their time, effort and financial support. This Valley is an amazing place to be! We appreciate the Levasseur family's connection to this community and contributing to the support of those in need.

Columbia Valley Food Bank - Nesta Becker

graditude of thanks

Thanks for sharing the good news about the donation to our program from the Levasseur Community Trust and for your support. And I very much appreciated you including the link about the Levasseur family and their Community Trust. I hadn't read about this family before and I very much enjoyed learning about the great charitable work they do. We feel honoured the Levasseur Community Trust has chosen to support our program.

Bow Valley Victim Services - Peter Quinn (2021)


As Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, the family hosted the movie premiere of "A Going Concern" The Life of Gerry Levasseur. The evening was filled with meeting great people and connecting back to our community. It was an inspiring and fun event that culminated in a live auction hosted by Danny Hooper.
In 2022, the Trust continued to focus on the great work of local Victim Services, and Food Banks with a new addition of Mental Health charities. The Trust provided funding to each of these areas of focus in the following communities: Jasper, Robson Valley, Valemount, Columbia Valley, Invermere, Bow Valley, Canmore, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Red Deer, and the Grande Cache.
The Levasseur Family stands strong in supporting these very important charities that play an integral role in serving smaller communities.

2023 focus

The LCT believes in stronger, healthier communities working together for a more sustainable future. We will continue to dedicate efforts to caring for the communities where our family business is rooted. In 2023 we will continue to support local victim services, food banks, and mental health organizations.